Downloading and Running the Greenplum Command Center Installer

Download and Run the Installer

Important: The gpadmin user owns and executes the Greenplum Command Center software, which is installed in the /usr/local directory by default. Before you begin installing, ensure that the gpadmin user has write permission in the directory where you will install the software. Be sure to prepare the standby master host in the same way. Alternatively, you can run the installer as root and, after installation, change the owner of the installation directory and its contents to gpadmin.

Follow these steps as gpadmin to download and install the Greenplum Command Center software.

  1. Download the Greenplum Command Center installer file from the Greenplum Database section of Pivotal Network. Installer files are available for Linux 64-bit platforms.

  2. Unzip the installer file.

    $ unzip
  3. Launch the installer with bash:

    $ /bin/bash greenplum-cc-web-3.X.X-LINUX.bin
  4. Read through the license agreement. When you reach the bottom, type yes to accept the license agreement.

  5. The installer prompts you to provide an installation path. Press Enter to accept the default installation path (/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web-X.X.X), or enter an absolute path to another install location. You must have write permission in the location you specify.

  6. The installer then asks if you want to install on the standby master.

    • Enter no if you do not want to install the software to the standby master host now. You can install the software to the standby master later using the gpccinstall utility. See Install Greenplum Command Center Software on Additional Hosts.
    • Enter yes to install the Greenplum Command Center software on the standby master host, then enter the name of the host.
  7. The installer completes with a summary of the actions that were performed.

If you have performed the previous steps as any user other than gpadmin, you need to change ownership and permissions of the installation directory before you continue.

Change the ownership of the installation directory:

# chown -R gpadmin:gpadmin greenplum-cc-web-X.X.X

Change the permissions of the installation directory:

# chmod -R 755 greenplum-cc-web-X.X.X

Install Greenplum Command Center Software on Additional Hosts

Follow the steps in this section to install the Greenplum Command Center software on the standby master host or on other hosts where you want to run Greenplum Command Center console instances.

Ensure that the host where you want to install Command Center meets these requirements:

  • The gpadmin user has been created and has passwordless SSH access to the Greenplum cluster. See gpssh-exkeys in the Greenplum Database Utility Reference Guide.
  • The directory where the Command Center software is to be installed has been created and is writable by the gpadmin user. The path to this directory must be identical to the path where the Command Center software is installed on the Greenplum master host. The default is /usr/local.
  • The ~gpadmin/.pgpass file must be copied from the Greenplum master host. Make sure the gpadmin user owns the file and has exclusive read/write permissions (chmod 600 ~gpadmin/.pgpass).
  • The Greenplum Database authorization file ($MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/pg_hba.conf) on the Greenplum Database master and standby hosts must contain entries to allow the gpmon database user, and any other user permitted to use Command Center, to access the gpperfmon database.

Run the gpccinstall utility as the gpadmin user on the host where you installed the Greenplum Command Center software.

  1. Create a text file containing the names of the standby master host or other hosts where the software is to be installed, one name per line. Do not include the name of the host where you ran the installer. Hostnames must be resolvable in DNS. For example:

  2. Source the Greenplum Database and Command Center path files.

    $ source /usr/local/greenplum-db/
    $ source /usr/local/greenplum-cc-web/
  3. As gpadmin, run the gpccinstall utility to install Command Center on all hosts listed in the host file you created.

    $ gpccinstall -f <hostfilename>

    where hostfilename is the name of the host file you created.

When the installation is complete you can log in to the remote host as gpadmin, source the file in the Command Center installation directory, and set up and manage Command Center instances using the gpcmdr utility. See Creating Greenplum Command Center Console Instances for instructions to create and start a Command Center instance.