Connecting to the Greenplum Command Center Console

Sign in to the Command Center Console with a name and password. If the Guest Access to Query Monitor feature is enabled, you can sign in anonymously to see just the Query Monitor view.

Open the Command Center Console in a supported browser using the host name and port configured for the Command Center web server. For example, to open a secure Command Center connection on a host named smdw at port 28080, enter this URL into your browser:

  • If the View Query Monitor link is present, you can click it to view the Query Monitor page without signing in. This takes you immediately to the Query Monitor view. To access additional Command Center features, click Sign In on the Query Monitor view and sign in with a valid Command Center user name and password. If the link is not present on the sign-in page, a Command Center administrator has disabled the guest sign-in feature.

  • To sign in as a Command Center user, enter the user name and password of a Greenplum role that has been configured to allow authentication to Greenplum Command Center, then click Sign In. This opens the Dashboard page of the Command Center Console, which provides a graphical system snapshot and a summary view of active queries. See the Dashboard for information about the Dashboard view.