Configuring Greenplum Command Center

Configuration parameters for Greenplum Command Center are stored in the Agent and Console configuration files.

gpperfmon Agent Configuration

gpperfmon Agent configuration parameters are stored in the following files on the Greenplum Database master host.

  • $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/conf/gpperfmon.conf
  • $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/postgresql.conf

The gpperfmon.conf file is heavily commented.

Changes to these files require a restart of the Greenplum Database instance (gpstop -r).

Console Configuration

You should not need to manually edit any of the files. Running the Command Center installer makes the necessary modifications to this configuration file.

Changing the Command Center configuration file ($GPCC_HOME/conf/app.conf) requires restarting Command Center.

$ gpcc stop
$ gpcc start

See the Configuration File Reference section for a description of the configuration parameters in this file.

Note: If you modify the app.conf file, you must copy the modified file to all Greenplum Database hosts and restart Command Center to prevent Command Center errors.