Greenplum Command Center Release Notes

Greenplum Command Center Release Notes

About Pivotal Greenplum Command Center

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center is a management tool for Pivotal's Greenplum Database. Pivotal Greenplum Command Center monitors system performance metrics, system health, and also provides administrators the ability to perform management tasks such as start, stop, and recovery of systems for Greenplum Database. Pivotal Greenplum Command Center is an interactive graphical web application that can be installed on a web server on the master host, and used to view and interact with the collected system data from Greenplum Database and optionally from EMC's Data Computing Appliance (DCA).

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center is comprised of data collection agents that run on the Greenplum Database master host and each segment host. The agents collect data about queries and system utilization and send it to the database's master host at regular intervals. Pivotal Greenplum Command Center stores its data and metrics in a dedicated Greenplum database (the gpperfmon database) whose information is distributed among the master host and segment hosts, like any other Greenplum Database. The data stored in the gpperfmon database can be accessed through the web application or through SQL queries.

Greenplum Database is a requirement for operating Command Center (Command Center stores its information in a Greenplum database).

Supported Platforms

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6
Note: For Greenplum Command Center 1.3:
  • OpenSSL version is 1.0.1o.
  • lighttpd web server version is 1.4.35

Greenplum Command Center Compatibility

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center is currently certified for the EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) and Greenplum Database software-only environments. Command Center monitors the following for each environment:

Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

  • Greenplum Database Module 4.3.x
  • Greenplum Data Integration Accelerator (DIA) Module
  • Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Hardware (V1.2.x and V2.x)

If you have been using Greenplum's earlier monitoring tool, Performance Monitor, with an older DCA release, we recommend you upgrade to a supported version of DCA.

Greenplum Database (Software-Only Environments)

  • Greenplum Database 4.3.x

About Pivotal Command Center 1.3

Product Enhancements in Release

The following are enhancements and changes in Greenplum Command Center release

Workload Management Configuration Parameters

The Administration > Workload Management console page no longer allows setting parameters separately for Master and Segments, since Workload management parameters may only be set at the master level.

Copying an Instance to the Standby Master

A bug that prevented copying a Command Center instance to the standby master in the release is fixed in this release.

Time Display on Graphs

In CPU graphs in the Command Center Console, an incorrect time was displayed when moving the mouse over the timeline. This has been fixed.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Note: Greenplum Command Center requires Adobe Flash Player version 11 or higher. If this requirement is not met, you see the following screen:

Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center is already installed on the appliance (versions 1.2.x and 2.x).

For more information about setting up, upgrading, and configuring Pivotal Greenplum Command Center on an EMC Greenplum DCA, refer to the appropriate versions of the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Software Upgrade Guide and Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide.

Greenplum Database Software-only

Instructions for installing, configuring, and upgrading your system for Pivotal Greenplum Command Center are provided in the latest Pivotal Greenplum Command Center 1.3 Administrator Guide (see Pivotal Greenplum Command Center 1.3 Documentation for availability).

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center replaced a monitoring tool called Greenplum Performance Monitor. You are not required to upgrade to Pivotal Greenplum Command Center; you can continue using Performance Monitor as before. To continue running Performance Monitor, do not setup Command Center. You will not be able to access new monitoring features if you decide not to upgrade. You may also run Performance Monitor and Command Center in parallel (for example, to compare functionality before upgrading). For parallel operations, assign a different port number to Command Center during setup.

Accessing Command Center

For enhanced security, beginning with Greenplum Command Center release, the gpadmin user is not permitted to log in to the Command Center. The Command Center does not accept logins from any user on the host running GPCC configured with trust authentication in the pg_hba.conf file.

You should create new administrative, operator, and regular Command Center users for Command Center. To create a new Command Center user, first you create a Greenplum Database role, then edit the pg_hba.conf file to give that user access to Command Center. An example of this procedure is provided in the Pivotal Greenplum Command Center Administrator Guide and more detailed information can be found in the Pivotal Greenplum Database Administration Guide.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists issues that were resolved in Pivotal Greenplum Command Center (Command Center) 1.3.

For issues resolved in earlier GPCC releases, refer to their release notes, available on our website at

Issue Description Fix Version
CMDR-283 Alert messages 'password authentication failed' are generated for every login. Before attempting authentication with the entered password, GPCC tested whether the logged in user was trusted and the allow_trusted_login parameter in the web application configuration file was set to true. The authentication failure alert was generated during this initial phase of the authentication. The allow_trusted_login option has been removed.
CMDR-1833 Large amount of connection errors to hadoop nodes were being generated even though there were no hadoop nodes in the cluster.
CMDR-1861 Errors were displayed when a non-superuser logged into GPCC that prevented some of the data from being displayed in the UI.
CMDR-1763 All special characters are now supported in the Greenplum Command Center user login name.
CMDR-1928 In response to OpenSSL Security Advisory [15 Oct 2014] (see, OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.1j.

See for more information regarding security vulnerabilities in Pivotal products.
CMDR-1938, CMDR-1960, CMDR-1971 The GPCC release notes reference upgrade instructions in the GPCC Administration Guide. However, there are no upgrade instructions in the guide.
CMDR-1940 GPCC did not work properly with reverse proxy.
CMDR-1933 Filtering of users in the Resource Queue view has been improved.
CMDR-1904 The application name is now displayed for GPCC queries.
CMDR-1622 The EXPLAIN plan displayed in GPCC has been enhanced.
CMDR-1788 GPCC supports the new user type Operator. GPCC users who are members of this group have access to more functionality in the GPCC user interface than regular users, but do not have to be a Greenplum Database superuser.
CMDR-1932 GPCC supports encryption of Command Center sessions with self-signed certificates and OpenSSL encryption.
CMDR-1970 Running a Web application scanner tool uncovered a vulnerability in the GPCC Web GUI: "It is possible to steal or manipulate customer session and cookies, which might be used to impersonate a legitimate user, allowing the hacker to view or alter user records, and to perform transactions as that user."
CMDR-1974 It should be possible to assign operator_role to a group.
MPP-25485 The gpmmon process hangs during startup if the gpmon user cannot log into the gpperfmon database.
CMDR-1976 Command Center does not correctly display CPU usage for any query that is initially blocked from executing.
CMDR-1977 The gpadmin user could log in to Greenplum Command Center with an incorrect password or no password.
95101952 After a user logs in, the Command Center performs some background processing before clearing the login screen, which gives the appearance that the login has hung.
95101954 An Operator user logged in with a non-superuser role could not view the explain plan for another user's query because they did not have access to the underlying database objects.
96895590 Upon logging in to the Command Center, the user's name and password were passed to the web server in URL parameters.
95171988 GPCC doesn't show the Cancel Query link on Chrome web browser.
95171358 "Note: non-superuser mode" notice appeared for operators as well as regular users. It should only appear for regular users.
95171160 When Greenplum Database is down, the GPCC login screen displayed a notice and an option to restart the database. Because there is no way to verify the Control Center user's role, the option to restart has been removed.
98686272 Utilility commands such as ANALYZE, VACUUM, and VACUUM ANALYZE do not appear in the GPCC UI. This is resolved with issue 99590894.
95634314 The gpcmdr --status command indicates the system is healthy when there may be a problem with the lighttpd server.
99590894 Remove the Query Plan tab for utility queries, such as ANALYZE and VACUUM.
93855486 Add support to enable installing GPCC with a configuration file. See "Product Enhancements."
CMDR-1985 gpcmdr --setup failed when attempting to copy the instance to the standby master host.
CMDR-1979 Command Center graphs show the incorrect time while the mouse pointer moves over the GUI.
103203818 The GPCC UI allows changing master-only GUCs at the segment-level, for example max_resource_queues.

Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in Pivotal Greenplum Command Center 1.3. A work-around is provided where applicable.

Issue Description

Heavy workload on the Greenplum Database can affect responsiveness.

The refresh rate of the Command Center user interface can be adversely affected by simultaneous heavy workload on the underlying Greenplum Database.

PT-87736724 The Command Center installer does not have support to upgrade existing Command Center instances when upgrading to a new release.

Pivotal Documentation

The following Pivotal Greenplum Command Center and related documentation is available on our website at

Title Revision
Pivotal Greenplum Command Center 1.3 Administrator Guide A07
Pivotal Greenplum Command Center Release Notes (this document) A01

Additionally, we provide end user information via online help. To launch the online help, click the Help button at the top right of the GPCC user interface.