Configuring Greenplum Command Center

Configuring Greenplum Command Center

Configuration parameters for Greenplum Command Center are stored in the Agent and Console configuration files.

Agent Configuration

Changes to these files require a restart of the Greenplum Database instance (gpstop -r).
  • $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/conf/gpperfmon.conf
  • $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/postgresql.conf

Console Configuration

Changes to these files require a restart of Command Center Console (gpcmdr --restart).
  • $GPPERFMONHOME/instances/instance_name/conf/gpperfmonui.conf
  • $GPPERFMONHOME/instances/instance_name/conf/lighttpd.conf

See the Configuration File Reference section for a description of the configuration parameters in these files.

You should not need to manually edit any of the files. Running the Command Center setup utility will make all the necessary modifications to these configuration files.

Changing the gpmon Password

Greenplum Command Center manages the gpperfmon database using the gpmon database role. To change the gpmon password, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Greenplum Database as a superuser and change the gpmon password with the ALTER ROLE command:
    # ALTER ROLE gpmon WITH PASSWORD 'new_password';
  2. Update the password in the .pgpass file, which is used by Greenplum Command Center. The default location for this file is the gpadmin home directory (~/.pgpass). The .pgpass file contains a line with the gpmon password. Replace the existing password with the new password.

    The file should be owned by gpadmin and RW-accessible by gpadmin only.

  3. Restart Greenplum Command Center with the gpcmdr utility.
    $ gpcmdr --restart