Setup Configuration File

Setup Configuration File

A setup configuration file contains properties used to define one or more Greenplum Command Center instances when gpcmdr is run with the --config_file option.

The configuration file uses the Python configuration file format, similar to the Microsoft INI file format. The file contains sections, introduced by a [section] header, and followed by name: value or name=value entries, one per line. Comments begin with a # or ; character and continue through the end of the line. A [DEFAULT] section sets default values for parameters that may be overriden in other sections.

See Setting Up Command Center Instances with a Configuration File for more information.


True if the instance is to run on a different host. Default: False.
The name of the host where the Greenplum Command Center Console is to be set up, if remote_db is True.
The name of the instance to set up. This will become the name of a subdirectory in the instances directory where the instances configuration and log files are stored. Instance names may contain letters, digits, and underscores and are not case sensitive.
The name to display for the instance in the Command Center user interface.
The Greenplum Database master port. Default: 5432.
If True, Greenplum Workload Manager is installed. Default: False.
The listen port for the Command Center lighttpd web server. This port must be different for each Command Center Console instance on the host. Default: 28080.
True if client connections to the Command Center web server should be secured with SSL. Default: False.
True if the server certificate is supplied by the user. If False (default) and enable_ssl is True, gpcmdr generates a certificate during setup. Data for the certificate's CN is entered interactively during setup. Default: False.
If enable_user_cert is True, set this parameter to the full path to a valid certificate in PEM file format.
Set to True to specify the location of an existing Diffie-Hellman parameters (dhparam) file. If False, gpcmdr creates a new dhparam file. The file is in PEM format.
When set to True, if gpcmdr finds an existing dhparam.pem file, it will use the existing file instead of creating a new one.
The full path to the dheparam file to use for the instance.
Set to True to enable IPV6 connections. Default: False.
Set to True to enable cross-site request forgery. Default: False.
Set to True to have gpcmdr install the instance configuration on the Greenplum standby master host.
The name of the Greenplum standby master host. Required when enable_copy_standby is True.


This example configuration sets up two Command Center instances, prod and dev. Parameters in the [DEFAULT] section apply to all instances and may be overridden by parameters in the [production] and [development] sections.

remote_db: false
enable_ipv6: false
enable_csrf_protect: true
enable_copy_standby: true
standby_master_host: smdw
enable_ssl: true
enable_user_cert: true
ssl_cert_file: /etc/ssl/certs/cert.pem
enable_user_dhe: false
enable_reuse_dhe: true

master_hostname: mdw
instance_name: prod
display_name: Production
master_port: 5432
web_port: 28080
install_wlm: true

master_hostname: mdw
instance_name: dev
enable_copy_standby: false
display_name: Development
master_port: 5532
web_port: 28090