Connecting to the Greenplum Command Center Console

Connecting to the Greenplum Command Center Console

Start the Greenplum Command Center Console by entering:

gpcmdr --start

If you do not specify an instance name, all Command Center Console instances are started. To start a particular instance, you can specify the name of the instance. For example:

gpcmdr --start "instance_name"

See Administering Greenplum Command Center for a complete list of administrative commands.

After the instance is running, you can open the Command Center Console in a supported browser using the correct hostname and port. For example, to open a Command Center instance running on port 28080 on the local host with SSL, use the following web address:


At the login prompt, enter the user name and password of a Greenplum role that has been properly configured to allow authentication to Greenplum Command Center, then click Login. This opens the Dashboard page of the Command Center Console, which provides a graphical system snapshot and a summary view of active queries. See the Command Center Console online help for more information.

You must be a Greenplum administrator to fully use the Greenplum Command Center Console. Administrators can view information for all queries, as well as system metrics, while regular database users can only monitor their own queries.