Query Details

Viewing Query Details

The Query Details page displays query metrics, the text of the query, and the query plan for a single query selected on the Query Monitor or History page.

The query metrics are the same as the metrics for the query in the Active queries or History list. Click Hide Metrics or Show Metrics to toggle the display of the metrics.

The query text and query plan are shown in two panels. The panels can be toggled between side-by-side and vertical views by clicking Switch to horizontal view or Switch to vertical view.

When the cursor is inside one of the panels, a Copy button appears. Click the button to copy the text in the panel to the clipboard. You can then paste the text into a text editor or another application for further investigation.

Reading the query plan

This section needs to be reworked for GPCC 3.0

Each database operation (or node) performed as part of the query includes process-specific information about its impact on system performance, displayed in the following metrics:

Start Time
(YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) Indicates when the operation started.

(Seconds) The average execution time for this iterator.

PMem Size
(Bytes) The average work memory allocated by the Greenplum planner to this iterator’s query processes.

PMem Max
(Bytes) The average of the maximum planner work memory used by this iterator’s query processes.

Mem Size
(Bytes) The average OS memory allocated to this iterator’s processes.

Mem Resident
(Bytes) The average resident memory allocated to this iterator’s processes (as opposed to shared memory).

Shared Mem
(Bytes) The average shared memory allocated by the Greenplum planner to this iterator’s query processes.

Rows Out
The total number of actual rows output for this iterator on all segments.

Rows Estimate
The total number of output rows for all segments as estimated by the query planner.

Additional Attributes
See the Iterator Attributes topic for a complete list of attributes for every node type in Greenplum Database.