About Greenplum Workload Manager

Greenplum Workload Manager is a management tool for Greenplum Database you can use to monitor and manage queries and to manage resource queues.

You can use Greenplum Workload Manager to perform tasks like these:

  • Monitor Greenplum Database queries and host utilization statistics
  • Log when a query exceeds a threshold
  • Throttle the CPU usage of a query when it exceeds a threshold
  • Terminate a query
  • Detect memory, CPU, or disk I/O skew occurring during the execution of a query
  • Create detailed rules to manage queries
  • Add, modify, or delete Greenplum Database resource queues

Workload Manager Architecture

Greenplum Workload Manager is a set of Greenplum Database-specific plugins deployed on an extensible Pivotal framework. All of the application logic is isolated in these plugins. Workload Manager provides the following plugins:

Agent plugins:

  • Publish information about active Greenplum Database queries
  • Publish information about postgres processes
  • Advertise query termination capability
  • Advertise query throttling capability
  • Advertise threshold logging capability

Configuration management plugins:

  • Query the state of the Greenplum Database cluster periodically
  • Inform the framework of the Greenplum Database cluster state and size allowing gp-wlm to automatically grow when the database is expanded.
  • Deploy configurations throughout the cluster.

Command-line interface plugins:

  • Add, modify, or delete rules
  • Monitor queries and skew
  • Manage Greenplum Database resource queues

Rules engine plugins:

  • Provide extended functionality used during rules creation

The runtime framework loads these plugins at execution time.