The dynamic_memory_info view shows a sum of the used and available dynamic memory for all segment instances on a segment host. Dynamic memory refers to the maximum amount of memory that Greenplum Database instance will allow the query processes of a single segment instance to consume before it starts cancelling processes. This limit is set by the gp_vmem_protect_limit server configuration parameter, and is evaluated on a per-segment basis.

Column Type Description
ctime timestamp(0) without time zone Time this row was created in the segment_history table.
hostname varchar(64) Segment or master hostname associated with these system memory metrics.
dynamic_memory_used_mb numeric The amount of dynamic memory in MB allocated to query processes running on this segment.
dynamic_memory_available_mb numeric The amount of additional dynamic memory (in MB) available to the query processes running on this segment host. Note that this value is a sum of the available memory for all segments on a host. Even though this value reports available memory, it is possible that one or more segments on the host have exceeded their memory limit as set by the gp_vmem_protect_limit parameter.