The health_* tables store system health metrics for the EMC Data Computing Appliance. There are three health tables, all having the same columns:

Note: This table only applies to Greenplum Data Computing Appliance platforms.

  • health_now is an external table whose data files are stored in $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/data. Current system health data is stored in system_now during the period between data collection from the Command Center agents and automatic commitment to the system_history table.
  • health_tail is an external table whose data files are stored in $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/data. This is a transitional table for system health data that has been cleared from system_now but has not yet been committed to system_history. It typically only contains a few minutes worth of data.
  • health_history is a regular table that stores historical system health metrics. It is pre-partitioned into monthly partitions. Partitions are automatically added in two month increments as needed. Administrators must drop old partitions for the months that are no longer needed.
Column Type Description
ctime timestamp(0) without time zone Time this snapshot of health information about this system was created.
hostname varchar(64) Segment or master hostname associated with this health information.
symptom_code int The symptom code related to the current health/status of an element or component of the system.
detailed_symptom_code int A more granular symptom code related to the health/status of a element or component of the system.
description text A description of the health/status of this symptom code.
snmp_oid text The SNMP object ID of the element/component where the event occurred, where applicable.
status text The current status of the system. The status is always OK unless a connection to the server/switch cannot be made, in which case the status is FAILED.
message text The text of the error message created as a result of this event.