Configures and manages instances of the Command Center Console.

gpcmdr [--ssh_full_path <path>] 
       --setup [[<section_header>] --config_file <path>]
     | --start [<instance_name>]
     | --stop [<instance_name>]
     | --restart [<instance_name>]
     | --migrate [<instance_name>]
     | --remove [<instance_name>]
     | --status [<instance_name>]
Type Description
--setup Configures console components on the installation host. With this option, gpcmdr prompts for values to configure the components and writes the values to app.conf. For more information on these configuration parameters, see Configuration File Reference.
--config_file Sets the path to a configuration file to use to set up new Command Center instances. This option must be used with the --setup option. See Setup Configuration File for information about the format and content of this configuration file. If section_header is supplied, gpcmdr only sets up the instance defined in the named section in the configuration file. Otherwise, gpcmdr sets up all instances in the configuration file.
--start Starts the specified instance (or all instances by default) and its associated web service.
--stop Stops the specified instance (or all instances by default) and its associated web service.
--migrate Copies Command Center instances (or all instances by default) from a previous installation.
--remove Removes the specified instance and its associated database schema.
--restart Restarts the specified instance (or all instances by default) and its associated web service.
--status Displays the status, either Running or Stopped, of the web service.
--version Displays the version of the gpcmdr utility.
--ssh_full_path Sets the full path to the ssh command. Use this to override the ssh command found on the path.


The gpcmdr utility sets up and configures Command Center Console instances, starts and stops instances, and provides status information.

You can set up a new Command Center Console instance interactively or, by providing a configuration file, non-interactively.

For actions --start, --stop, --restart, --migrate, and --status you can specify a console instance name. If you do not specify a name, the action applies to all existing console instances.

On the --start option, gpcmdr creates the gpcc_basic, gpcc_operator_basic, and gpcc_operator database roles if they do not already exist.

The --migrate option prompts you to enter the path to the Command Center installation with instances you want to migrate. The utility checks whether the instance to copy already exists in the new location before copying. If the instance exists in the new location, a prompt asks whether you want to overwrite the instance.


Interactively create a new Command Center Console instance:

$ gpcmdr --setup

Set up the Command Center Console instance defined in the [development] section of a configuration file:

$ gpmcdr --setup development gpccinstances.cfg

Check the status of all Command Center Console instances:

$ gpcmdr --status