About the Command Center Installation

The installation and setup procedures create a software installation directory and a directory containing files and folders to support each Greenplum Command Center Console instance.

Software Installation Directory

The following files and first-level subdirectories are copied into the installation folder that you specified when you installed Greenplum Command Center Console. This location is referred to as $GPPERFMONHOME.

  • gpcc_path.sh – file containing environment variables for Command Center
  • bin – program files for Greenplum Command Center
  • etc – contains openssl.cnf file
  • gpcc-wlm-<version>-<platform>.bin – installer for Greenplum Workload Manager
  • instances – contains a subdirectory of resources for each Greenplum Database instance monitored by the console
  • lib – library files for Greenplum Command Center
  • open_source_licenses_GPCC.txt – licenses for open source components used by Greenplum Command Center
  • www – web server and user interface files

Instances Directory

The $GPPERFMONHOME/instances directory contains subdirectories named for each instance created during console setup. The conf subdirectory contains configuration files that you can edit. Other files and folders are used by the web services for the instance, and should not be modified or deleted.

Each subdirectory contains the following files and first-level subdirectories:

  • conf – multi-cluster configuration file, clusters.conf
  • webserver – web server logs for this instance and symbolic links to web server files in the installation directory