Installing the Greenplum Command Center Software

The Greenplum Workload Manager installer is included in the Greenplum Command Center installer. Install Workload Manager using its bundled installer. See the Greenplum Workload Manager documentation for instructions to run the Greenplum Workload Manager installer.

Installation Notes

Greenplum Command Center may be installed on a Dell EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) or in a Greenplum Database software environment.

Command Center is compatible with the Data Computing Appliance (DCA), versions 1.2.x, 2.x, and 3.x. Visit Pivotal Network to download an installer for the most recent 3.x version for your DCA. See the Dell EMC DCA documentation for information about installing the software on your appliance.

The Greenplum Command Center software is typically installed on the Greenplum Database master host. Installing on the master host provides the best performance and security, since the Command Center Console database requests are not passed over the network.

If you are installing the Command Center Console on a remote system (that is, not the same system on which you installed Greenplum Database), you must first install the Greenplum Database binary software files on the remote system. Note that you do not need to initialize the database on the remote system. See the Greenplum Database Installation Guide for help installing the Greenplum Database software.

If you want to use features of Greenplum Command Center 2.x that are not available in the 3.x release, see Running Greenplum Command Center 2.x in Parallel With 3.x.

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