Greenplum Command Center User Guide

The Greenplum Command Center web interface is a management tool that provides system status and query monitoring facilities for Greenplum Database administrators and users.

Command Center views allow you to instantly view the overall status of the Greenplum Database system. You can drill down to see details about hosts, database segments, queries, and CPU, memory, and disk resource utilization.

The following topics describe the information displayed on each Command Center view.

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard displays when you first log in to the Command Center. It shows an overview of the status of the Greenplum Database cluster the Command Center manages and provides easy access to detailed information about any aspect of system status.

  • Query Monitor

    View current running and queued queries. Select a query to view its query text and execution plan. With proper permissions, choose queries and cancel them.

  • Host Metrics

    View real-time statistics by server in a table format.

  • Cluster Metrics

    View charts of current and recent statistics for all hosts (excluding master and standby).

  • History

    View queries and historical charts of statistics for a selected time period, optionally filtered by database and user.

  • System>Segment Status

    View a status summary for all primary and mirror segments and details for each segment.

  • System>Storage Status

    View the current percentage disk space in use for master and segment hosts, a historical chart of segment host disk usage, and current disk usage by host.

  • Admin>Permissions

    View permissions levels for Command Center users. Users with Admin permission can change permission levels.

  • Admin>Authentication

    View the Greenplum Database pg_hba.conf host-based authentication file. Users with Admin permission can edit the file.