Hardware Status

The Hardware Status view is available to Command Center users with Admin or Operator permission level when you are running Greenplum Command Center on a Dell EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA). The view displays SNMP data collected for the following items:

Greenplum Database Hardware Health

  • Greenplum Database segment hosts
  • Admin switch
  • Interconnect switch
  • Greenplum Database master hosts
  • ETL hosts (DIA)

Greenplum Database Software Health

  • Greenplum Database (GPDB) software

The consolidated view displays the health of the system as a whole.

Each Dell EMC DCA component is represented by a box. Hover over a box to see the name and status of the component the box represents. The color of a box indicates the current status of its component:

  • Normal (Green)
  • Warning (Yellow)
  • Error (Red)
  • Unknown (Gray)
  • Unreachable (Blue)
  • Info (cyan)

Note: The Unknown status does not indicate that Command Center was unable to determine a status for a component. Unknown is a valid status that is returned by an SNMP agent when it successfully communicates with a component, but cannot determine the state of the component.

The color labels above the boxes show counts of components with each status. Click on a label to toggle on or off the display of those components.

Click on any box to see more detailed information for that component in the details area. For example, if a box representing a segment host is red, click the red box to display details for that host.


This section lists any dial-home messages that have been sent to Dell EMC support.

The Dell EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance supports dial-home functionality through the ConnectEMC software. ConnectEMC is a support utility that collects and sends event data—files indicating system errors and other information—from Dell EMC products to Dell EMC Global Services customer support. ConnectEMC events are triggered based on a hardware failure, a fix to a failed hardware component, or a Greenplum Database startup. Once a ConnectEMC event is triggered, an alert is sent to EMC Support.

Dial-home using ConnectEMC functionality is set up during installation. If your DCA system is not configured to use this functionality, contact Dell EMC Global Services.

Disk usage alerts are issued when your disk usage reaches a specified threshold. This threshold is configured with default values during installation (80% and 90%); these values can be modified by Dell EMC Services using the DCA Setup utility.

Health Details

When you click a host or switch in the Hardware Status panel, the component is displayed in the Detail panel. This panel lists the host’s components and their status, from SNMP information received by Greenplum Command Center.

This information includes:

  • Component Name
  • Status
  • Message

Click the Component Name or Status column title to sort the table by the contents of that column. Click again to reverse the sort order.

You can filter the items that display on this panel by their current status. Toggle on or off the status labels at the top of the panel to filter the list as required.