Query Details

Viewing Query Details

The Query Details page displays query metrics, the text of the query, and the query plan for a single query selected on the Query Monitor or History page.

Query Details

The Query ID, execution status, and run time of the query are displayed at the top.

The following metrics are displayed for the query.

The Greenplum Database role that submitted the query.

The name of the database that was queried.

Res Group or Res Queue
The name of the resource group or resource queue that is managing the query.

The time the query was submitted to the query planner.

Queued Time
The amount of time the query has been (or was) in queue awaiting execution.

Run Time
The amount of time since query execution began.

(Active queries only.) Current CPU percent average for all segment processes executing this query. The percentages for all processes running on each segment are averaged, and then the average of all those values is calculated to render this metric. Current CPU percent average is always zero in historical and tail data. The master and standby master are excluded from the calculation.

CPU Skew
The amount of CPU skew. CPU skew occurs when query executor processes for one segment use a disproportionate amount of CPU compared to processes for other segments executing the query. This value is calculated as

1 − (average segment CPU / maximum segment CPU)

Memory consumed by all segment processes executing the query.

Spill File Size
The total size of spill files created for the query. Greenplum Database creates spill files when there is insufficient memory to execute the query in memory. See Managing Spill Files Generated by Queries for information about spill files.

Disk R
The current average disk read rate for all segment hosts.

Disk W
The current average disk write rate for all segment hosts.

A list of queries blocked by locks held by this query. Click a query ID in the list to see the details for that query.

Blocked by
A list of queries with locks blocking this query. Click a query ID in the list to see the details for that query.

The query text and query plan are shown in two panels. When you click RUN EXPLAIN, Command Center displays the generated explain plan in the right panel.

Command Center is unable to display the explain plan if the size of the query text is greater than 100K or if the query text contains multiple statements.

Click the Plan & Progress tab to see a graphical view of the explain plan, with nodes filled to indicate query execution progress. Click Texual Explain to see a textual representation of the execution plan, similar to the output of the Greenplum Database EXPLAIN command.

Explain plans are executed from the bottom up.

Query Details

See Greeplum Database Administrator Guide for help reading the query plan.