The Admin> Settings view enables Command Center administrators to configure settings for Command Center features.

History settings

Turn on Enable GPCC history data collection to save query history, host metrics, and disk usage metrics to tables in the gpperfmon database gmetrics schema.

Enter a number of seconds to set the minimum runtime for a query to be saved in history. The default is to save all queries. Set this threshold to prevent Command Center from filling history with trivial queries.


This option is enabled by default.

When GPCC history data collection is enabled:

  • Command Center saves query and metrics history in the gpmetrics schema tables in the gpperfmon database. Only queries that execute for at least the number of seconds you specify are saved. Query plan node history is only saved for queries that run for at least 10 seconds, or the number of seconds you specify, if greater than 10.
  • The Command Center History view displays saved history and metrics from the gpmetrics tables. See gpmetrics Schema Reference for information about the history tables.
  • For best system performance, disable the Greenplum Database gpperfmon service if it is running. To disable the service, set the Greenplum Database gp_enable_gpperfmon server configuration parameter to off and restart Greenplum Database.

When GPCC history data collection is disabled:

  • The Greenplum Databse gpperfmon service saves query and metrics history to the “legacy” history tables, in the gpperfmon database public schema. To use the gpperfmon service, you must create the gpperfmon database with the Greenplum Database gpperfmon_install management utility and enable the service.
  • The Command Center History view uses history data collected by the Greenplum Database gpperfmon service. See The gpperfmon Database for information about the gpperfmon service and tables.