Command Center Console Parameters

The Command Center Console configuration file is on the Command Center host at $GPCC_HOME/webserver/conf/app.conf.

After editing this file, reload the configuration by restarting the Command Center Console.

$ gpcc --stop
$ gpcc --start

appname = gpccws
The web server binary file. Do not change.

listentcp4 = [true | false]
When true, the address type is tcp4. The default is true.

runmode = [prod | dev | test]
The application mode, which can be dev, prod or test. The default is dev. In dev mode Command Center shows user friendly error pages. User friendly error pages are not rendered in prod mode.

session = [true | false]
Use sessions to manage user experience. The default is true. Sessions are stored in memory.

enablexsrf = [true | false]
Enable CSRF protection.

xsrfexpire = <seconds>
CSRF expire time. The default is 2592000 seconds.

xsrfkey = <token_string>
The CSRF token.

rendertype = json
The render type of web server. Do not change.

printallsqls = [true | false]
Print all backend gpperfmon SQL to the web server console. The default is false.

path = /usr/local
Path to the directory where Greenplum Command Center is installed.

display_name = <display_name>
The display name for console.

enable-kerberos = [true | false]
True if Kerberos authentication is enabled for Command Center. The default is false.

HTTPSCertFile = </path/to/cert.pem>
The full path to the server’s SSL certificate, if SSL is enabled.

HTTPSKeyFile = </path/to/cert.pem>
The server’s private key file if SSL is enabled.

EnableHTTPS = [true | false]
Enable listening on the secure SSL port. The default is true.

EnableHTTP = [true | false]
Enable listening on the HTTP port. Default is false.

httpport = <port>
The web server port. The default is 28080.

rpcport = <port>
The port on which the Command Center backend receives data from metrics collector agents. The default is 8899.

master_host = <hostname>
The Greenplum Database host name. The default is localhost.

master_port = <port>
The Greenplum Database master port. The default is 5432.