gpmetrics Configuration File Reference

Greenplum Command Center uses the gpcc.conf configuration file to save configuration information entered in the Command Center user interface. You should not normally edit the gpcc.conf file directly. Instead, modify configuration information in the Command Center user interface.

The gpcc.conf file is created in the $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpmetrics/ directory on the Greenplum Database master or standby host where you start Command Center. The file is an INI-format configuration file, containing properties defined as key = value entries, one property per line.

Property Description
allow_anonymous If true, Command Center users can access the Query Monitor view without logging into Command Center. You can change this setting on the Command Center Admin> Permissions page.
resource_queue_import_status Command Center uses this property to determine whether to offer to import Greenplum Database resource queues to resource groups when you access the Admin> Workload Mgmt view. The default is false.
emailFrom The email address to set on the “From:” line of alert emails. The default is

Note: Set the email and smtp properties on the Command Center Admin> Alerts page.
emailTo A comma-separated list of email addresses to send alert emails.
smtpUsername The account name to use when authenticating with the SMTP server.
smtpServer The address and port of the SMTP server to use for alert emails.
smtpPassword The password used to authenticate the SMTP user with the SMTP server, base 64-encoded.