The Admin> Settings view enables Command Center administrators to configure settings for Command Center features.

History settings

Click Enable queries history data collection to save query history, host metrics, and disk usage metrics to tables in the gpperfmon database gmetrics schema.

Enter a number of seconds to set the minimum runtime for a query to be saved in history. The default is to save all queries. Set this threshold to prevent Command Center from filling history with trivial queries.


Command Center by default uses history data collected by the gpsmon and gpmmon agents that are installed and enabled when you create the gpperfmon database. These agents save history data to the “legacy” history tables, in the gpperfmon database public schema. History and metrics collected by the Command Center ccagent agent can be saved to a different set of history tables, in the gpperfmon database gpmetrics schema.

When you enable queries history data collection:

  • Command Center saves query and metrics history in the gpmetrics schema tables in the gpperfmon database. See gpmetrics Schema Reference for information about these tables.
  • The Command Center History view displays saved history and metrics from the gpmetrics tables instead of from the legacy gpperfmon tables.
  • The gpperfmon gpmmon and gpsmon agents continue to populate the legacy gpperfmon tables.

If you disable history data collection, the Command Center History view again displays data from the legacy history tables.