Storage Status

The Storage Status page shows current historical disk usage for Greenplum master and segment hosts.

Storage Status

Disk Usage Summary

You can see current disk space in use, space free, and total space in the Disk Usage Summary panel. Disk space metrics for the segment hosts (GP Segments) and the master (GP Master) are shown in separate bar charts.

The GP Segments bar chart shows combined disk space for all segments.

The GP Masters bar chart shows combined disk space for master and standby master.

Hover over either of the charts to see the space used, free, and total in gigabytes and as a percentage of the total.

GP Segments Usage History

The GP Segments Usage History panel presents a chart of percentage of disk space in use for the time period set by the control in the panel header.

Hover over the chart to see the percentage disk in use on any given point.

Storage Status Table

The Storage Status table provides current disk space usage metrics for each host and by data directory within hosts.