Tanzu Greenplum® Command Center 6.4 Release Notes

Updated 2021-Feb-5

About This Release

This document contains release information about Tanzu Greenplum Command Center 6.4. Greenplum Command Center 6.4 provides management and monitoring functionality for Tanzu Greenplum Database 6.

This topic contains release notes for Greenplum Command Center 6.4.

Supported Platforms

Greenplum Command Center 6.4 is compatible with the following platforms.

  • Tanzu Greenplum Database 6.x.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x1 and 7.x
  • CentOS 6.x1 and 7.x
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux 12
  • Ubuntu 18.04

See Tanzu Greenplum Command Center Supported Platforms for the most current compatibility information.

Enhancements and Changes in Greenplum Command Center 6.4

New and Changed Features

  • The History page now contains a new Advanced Search tool. The tool allows users to search based on query metrics such as custom time range, query text, database name, user name, and more. Selecting “Custom” from the Time Range dropdown also displays the Advanced Search pop-up window. For more information see the Query History documentation page.

  • The Query details page now displays the query cost when clicking on the “+” sign next to the query Planner name. The submitted time now inludes a tooltip which displays the query’s submitted date. See Query History Metrics for more details.

  • Greenplum Command Center now supports IPV6. To install an IPV6-compatible version of Greenplum Command Center, pass the new -ipv6 parameter to the gpccinstall command. To enable IPv6, you must set the HTTPAddr configuration parameter in the $GPCC_HOME/conf/app.conf file to the IPv6 address of the host Command Center is running on.

  • The stats_check_interval parameter is now set in the gpcc.conf file rather than the app.conf file. If you currently have it set in app.conf, you must reset it in gpcc.conf; the value in app.conf will be ignored.

  • Command Centre now displays a Notifications label at login. Clicking on the label displays the Alerts window with alert history from the last 7 days. For more information, see the Alerts documentation page.

  • The Table Browser page has a new Advanced search link to allow administrators to filter their search based on table name, table size, or table owners. The results can be exported to a local file. See the Table Browser documentation page for more details.

  • The gpmetrics schema contains a new gpcc_export_log table that records the log notifications from the “EXPORT ALL” dropdown in the Query History or the Table Browser page.
    The gpcc_alert_log table has been renamed to gpcc_alert_history and includes a new config column that records the alert history from the Notification Center or from email alerts.
    The table gpcc_alert_rule has been discontinued.
    For more information , see the gpmetrics Schema Reference documentation page.

  • The Command Center dashboard now displays a Feedback link, which displays a customer feedback form when clicked. Administrators can enter feedback for current Command Center features and experience. The form requires internet connectivity for the pop-up to appear.

  • Command Center now aggregates and displays a single alert notification when multiple segment failures occur at the same time.

  • Users can now customize security parameters in the app.conf file. For more details, see Setting Security Parameters.

Fixed Issues

  • 31026 - Resolved an issue where Greenplum Command Center version 6.3.0 and 6.3.1 would not show a visual query plan in the query monitor in certain cases. Upgrade the metrics_collector if your Greenplum Database version is below 6.12.1.

  • 31061 - When a query ran less than 5 seconds, the CPU and Disk I/O were not captured. This issue has been resolved.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in the current Greenplum Command Center release.

Requirement for a trusted certificate, even when insecure authentication is enabled

When the “Allow insecure authentication” setting is enabled, but the email protocol is STARTTLS, Command Centre ignores the setting and still expects a trusted certificate.

Command Centre requires restart after Daylight Savings Time

When Daylight Saving Time occurs, Command Center requires a restart to repopulate certain data metrics.

Last Accessed column affected by persistent table rebuild

When using the gppersistentrebuild utility, the Last Accessed column in the Table Browser view might be refreshed, although no queries accessed the tables.

Limitation for Defining Planner Cost in Workload Rules

When you define a workload management rule that uses the Planner Cost condition, the input field transforms your entry to a double datatype value. This can limit the ability to accurately define large planner costs that may be necessary for the GPORCA optimizer. For example, if you enter the GPORCA maximum cost value as 1457494496834852608, the actual value is converted to 1457494496834852600 for the rule. The value shown in the completed rule definition is the value that the rule enforces, and it may not be the exact value that you entered. Increase the cost value as necessary to cover the cost you want to set as the maximum.

External Updates to Workload Management Rules are Delayed

If you recreate the gp_wlm extension from outside of Command Center after you have already created workload management rules using the Command Center interface, the rules engine may not run for a period of roughly 1 hour. This behavior occurs because Command Center checks for the availability of the extension every hour. Any changes you make outside of Command Center in this situation will not be visible until Command Center checks for the extension, or until you login to Command Center and access the Workload> Workload Mgmt page.

Customized SSH Path Not Supported with the Upgrade (-u) Option

If you upgrade your Command Center installation using the gpccinstall -u option and you also specify an SSH binary using the -ssh-path <path> option, the customized SSH path will not be used during the installation and the ssh_path parameter will not be set in the app.conf file.

Calculated Root Table Size Inaccurate for Some Partitioned Tables

When viewing the Table Browser view, the calculated size for a partitioned table is incorrect if some child partitions are in different schemas than the root table.

Sorting Tables by Size on Partition List Page is Slow

If there are a large number of tables in a schema in a database, sorting the partition table list by size can take a long time to display.